Functions for extracting or assigning the era of a vector of years. This function does not alter the underlying values of x. Use yr_transform() to convert the values of a yr vector to a new era.


yr_set_era(x, era)

yr_era(x) <- value



A vector of years.

value, era

An era object (see era()) to be assigned to x.


yr_era(x) returns the existing era associated with x.

yr_set_era(x, era) and yr_era(x) <- era return x with the new era assigned. If x is not already a yr vector, it will attempt to coerce it into one.

See also

Other years with era functions: yr_transform(), yr()


x <- 5000:5050 yr_era(x) <- era("cal BP") yr_era(x)
#> <era[1]> #> [1] Before Present (cal BP): Gregorian years (365.2425 days), counted backwards from 1950